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"Für e Dos voll Bixeworscht" 1. Crown of Champions Warcryturnier - List of Participants

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1. Christoph aka "stophle"DMannheim13Horns of Hashutnono
2. Eugen aka "Bolbotos"DKaiserslautern5Soulblight Gravelordsnono
3. Dominik aka "Domme"DSchifferstadt-Fyreslayersnono
4. Thomas aka "DieMeise"DHeddesheim3Stormcast Eternals: Warrior ChamberKolosseum Gladiatorsnono
5. Alexander aka "Aggrecan"DHeidelberg2FyreslayersKolosseum Gladiatorsnono
6. Curtis aka "SCM"DQueidersbach-Hedonites of Slaanesh - Daemonsnono
7. Nadja aka "RatteNadja"DNeuhofen25SkavenKurpfälzer Gardenono
8. Lukas aka "Firefox200o"DHeidelberg1KruleboyzKolosseum Gladiatorsnono
9. Alexander aka "Snimae"DWalldorf4Ossiarch BonereapersKolosseum Gladiatorsnono

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