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Tanks to the East III - List of Participants

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1. Stephan aka "DerPraesi"DBerlin-Japanese ArmyG.I.M.P.eVnono
2. Johannes aka "scaly"DBerlin290French Armynono
3. Tobias H.DBerlin-Italian Armynono
4. Toni aka "Hlaine"DNeustrelitz61British Armynono
5. Christian aka "BattlefieldBerlin"DBerlin-US Armynono
6. Dominik aka "DonAngelico"DBerlin-German ArmyGötz von Berlichingennono
7. Philipp aka "PePPer"DPotsdam-German Armynono
8. Dorian aka "Pedsi"DBerlin135US Armynono
9. Maximilian aka "Wordbearer"DBerlin94German Armynono
10. Janis aka "Kiralypal"DTeltow-German Armynono
11. Dennis aka "Zerc"DBerlin-US ArmyG.I.M.P. e.V.nono

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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