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AIE: Warhammer 40k - 2000 Punkte '24 IV - List of Participants

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1. Matthias aka "Lysor"DIrrel1078T'au EmpireAIE TTC Trierno
2. Wieland aka "Maevola"DTrier1547Chaos Space MarinesAIE TTC Trierno
3. Jens aka "Jensilein"DHeusweiler530Chaos KnightsTC Saarhammerno
4. Patrick aka "Link"DSaarbrücken1407The InquisitionTabletopcrew Saarhammerno
5. Alejandro aka "Dalamantikus"DSaarbrücken768T'au EmpireTabletopcrew Saarhammerno
6. Guillermo aka "R3m1el"DTrier1913TyranidsOrdo Hispanicvsno

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