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TAK V - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Nicolas aka "Nayko_le_Rat"FSilhac9RatkinLes Rats Corruptiblesno
2. Patrick aka "AEnoriel"FValence68ElvesLes Rats Corruptiblesno
3. Elias aka "Morzaad"FSilhac136Forces of the AbyssLes Rats Corruptiblesno
4. Céleste aka "Jarekson"FSaint Jean Chambre19Order of the Green LadyLes Rats corruptiblesno
5. Kevin aka "Ketep"FAureil3Trident Realms of NeriticaMagisteres lemovices forbannisno
6. Bruno aka "BrG"FStrasbourg40Free Dwarfsno
7. Michel aka "Kutchuc"FToulouse7BasileansOrk'n azesno
8. Jean-Michel F.FSt Geoire En Valdaine-OgresLes Rats Corruptiblesno
9. Mehdi aka "Alphie"FLyon29ElvesLes Rats Corruptiblesno
10. Liam aka "Siilence"FGrenoble27NightstalkersLes Rats Corruptiblesno
11. Ludivine aka "Ludi"FVernoux-en-Vivarais205Twilight KinLes Rats Corruptiblesno
12. Julien aka "MyNicknameIsBetterThanYours"FBourges5GoblinsLa charge des figurinesno
13. Romain aka "Eldacar"FGrenoble42NightstalkersFigHT Club Grenobloisno
14. Quentin aka "Zamanee"FGrenoble96Free Dwarfsno
15. Eric aka "LeVil1"FAnnay98Undeadno
16. Rodolphe aka "LuciusForge"FSaint Bris Le Vineux51ElvesLes Burgondes Ikownaisno
17. Yoann aka "Brasidak"FForcalquier110Dwarfsno
18. Kevin aka "firegantelet"FSAINT-DOULCHARD13VarangurLa charge des figurinesno
19. Kenny aka "Kintz"FAuxerre125Empire of DustLes Burgondes Ikownaisno
20. Mathis aka "Demo"UKLondon235Twilight Kinno
21. Morphée aka "morphee_joker"FMâcon107DwarfsLes Sentiers de Magamanceno
22. Timothée aka "Knurlnien"FToulouse1VarangurOrk'n azesno
23. Bruno aka "Leloup"FMontpellier28Empire of DustRouge et bleu sont nos couleursno
24. Sylvain aka "magoran"FLa Chappelle Thecle-Halflingsno
25. Maxime aka "Maximork"FAuxerre33RatkinLes Burgondes Ikownaisno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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