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Victorum Liubice IV: Viertes Lübecker Conquest Turnier - List of Participants

1. Nino aka "Torsul"DBremen2The Old DominionKhachamonyes
2. Hanna aka "Hanna"DMeyenburg1The Hundred KingdomsKhachamonyes
3. Tjade aka "Uziel1981"DOldenburg4The NordsKhachamonyes
4. Frank aka "lemartes"DHamburg97The DweghomPowergamer INC.yes
5. Jens aka "Karacho"DHamburg5The W'adrhŭnTWSyes
6. Nicklas aka "Hicksmix"DLübeck3The SpiresLudo Liubice e.V.yes
7. Max aka "Coalah"DKiel70The Old DominionBIST DU HARDDE??!!11elfyes
8. Stephan aka "Noob1975"DHildesheim-The City States89. Phalanxyes
9. Benny aka "Culexuss"DHamburg17The City StatesHobbybrüderyes
10. Andre aka "anagrie2007"DHeilshoop113The Hundred KingdomsLudo Liubice e.V.yes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
11. Marcus-André aka "Pommesman"DBremen9The Hundred Kingdomsno
12. Robert aka "Stadtwache"DBerlin-The NordsPentarasno
13. Morten aka "Sir_Ghrino"DLübeck44The Nordsno
14. Sebastian aka "Lys"DHamburg-The Hundred KingdomsLone Wolf Tabletopno
15. Sascha aka "DukNak"DRatekau-The Old DominionLudo Liubice e.V.no
16. Jonas aka "Calliduss"DHamburg30The W'adrhŭnHobbybrüderno
17. Johannes aka "OberstALbert"DDresden20The Sorcerer KingsBIST DU HARDDE??!!11elfno
18. Kai aka "BigBadFox"DDresden45The NordsBIST DU HARDDE??!!11elfno
19. Christan aka "Wuetty"DKiel-The SpiresAleas Ante Porcusno
20. Daniel aka "Larks"DDresden-The NordsHits and Critsno

Distribution of Armies
The City States:2
The Hundred Kingdoms:2
The Old Dominion:2
The Dweghom:1
The Nords:1
The Spires:1
The W'adrhŭn:1
Distribution of Origins
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