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07/09/2024 - Age of Vesontio IV - Age of Sigmar - Spearhead - List of Participants

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1. Florian aka "Dekflo"FMulhouse885Ogor MawtribesLa Charge alsacienneno
2. Gaetan aka "Ballec"FLa Côte423Slaves to DarknessLa Charge alsacienneno
3. Nicolas aka "Amethyyste"FPfetterhouse571Grand Alliance ChaosNLO6no
4. Arthur aka "Lloyd"FDijon102Legions of NagashFist O Beurreno
5. Sylvain aka "Metalingus"FSantans739Grand Alliance Deathno
6. Cyrille aka "thefonz"FFoussemagne-Soulblight GravelordsWargame Sectionno
7. (anonym)-Hedonites of Slaaneshno
8. Quentin aka "Wulfdreki"FChalezeule1316Slaves to DarknessAlliance de Roncémeraudeno
9. Benjamin aka "Kiira25"FEcole Valentin-Lumineth Realm-LordsLe Comté Obscurno

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