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Kärntner Meisterschaften (KTMS) 2024 - List of Participants

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1. Kevin aka "Ahzek"AKlagenfurt21The InquisitionCarinthian Conquerorsnono
2. Dominik aka "Avang"AKlagenfurt11The InquisitionFluffige Wuschelhasen des Todesnono
3. Lukas aka "Luktra"APoggersdorf5The InquisitionCarinthian Conquerorsnono
4. Daniel aka "Tigraine"AKlagenfurt89NecronsFluffige Wuschelhasen des Todesnono
5. Philipp aka "SolidEk"AKlagenfurt am Wörthersee52OrksTeam Mankal Mittwochnono
6. Jan aka "Cannonfodder"AKlagenfurt37Adeptus CustodesCarinthian Conquerorsnono
7. Christian aka "Ratsche"ATechelsberg1151Space Marinesnono
8. Gerhard aka "MokeyMokey"AGrafenstein43The InquisitionSomebody once told menono
9. Emanuel aka "Oniichan"AKlagenfurt192Imperial Knightsnono
10. Lukas aka "SunKiller"AHart bei Graz20Astra MilitarumTeam Styrianono
11. Marc-Kevin aka "Drunkenmole"AKlagenfurt88T'au EmpireFluffige Wuschelhasen des Todesnono

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Distribution of Origins
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