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Lindwurmkuschler Vol 2: It's gonna be cold soon. Let's Kuschel - List of Participants

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1. Kevin aka "Ahzek"AKlagenfurt-Kingdom of BretonniaLindwurmkuschlernono
2. Marco aka "Prehse"AKlagenfurt-Beastmen BrayherdsLindwurmkuschlernono
3. Michael aka "idefix"AKlagenfurt2High Elf Realmsnono
4. Dominik aka "Avang"AKlagenfurt1Tomb Kings of KhemriFluffige Wuschelhasen des Todesnono
5. Kevin aka "DarkAut"AKlein Glödnitz-Warriors of ChaosBergWolfnono
6. Thomas aka "feomartar"AMoosburg in Kärnten-Wood Elf Realmsnono
7. Alexander aka "SwOOp"ATannheim2Chaos DwarfsThe Storytellersnono
8. Stefan aka "Strippe"ASt. Peter4Tomb Kings of KhemriLindwurmkuschlernono
9. Jacopo aka "JacoPisa"AGraz-Daemons of Chaosnono
10. Chris aka "RedRaven"AKlagenfurt-Kingdom of BretonniaLindwurmkuschlernono
11. Thomas aka "DaGit"ASalzburg-Orc & Goblin Tribesnono

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