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La Reverie 1 The Old World - List of Participants

1. Rénald aka "Renhotep"FToulon51Chaos DwarfsSPQRyes
2. (anonym)-Vampire CountsMort mais vivantyes
3. Christophe aka "sparte"FAubagne47Beastmen BrayherdsQue trépasse si je faiblityes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
4. Richard aka "boris_von_berg"FVITROLLES-Kingdom of BretonniaTROLLS DES PINSno
5. Jerome aka "Midol_13"FMarseille-Kingdom of BretonniaChat docno
6. Florent aka "DOUTEU"Fla garde19Warriors of Chaosno
7. Mathieu aka "aggronor"FVence22Daemons of ChaosNWAno
8. Arno aka "Aravos"FANTIBES-Beastmen BrayherdsNWAno
9. Jean-François aka "Xandark"FLe Cannet-Beastmen BrayherdsGrrr!!no
10. Pier-Alban aka "Gil_Galad"FCagnes-sur-Mer-Daemons of ChaosNWAno

Distribution of Armies
Beastmen Brayherds:1
Chaos Dwarfs:1
Vampire Counts:1
Distribution of Origins
Var (83):2
Bouches-du-Rhône (13):1
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