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Kings of Brittany - List of Participants

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1. Arnold aka "Reldan"FBrécé384ElvesLes territoires ludiquesnono
2. Nicolas aka "Nicos"FLiffré119Undeadnono
3. Arthur aka "AVL"FChâteaubriant4Twilight Kinnono
4. Jean-Marc aka "c0c0tte"FJuigné-des-Moutiers307League of Rhordianono
5. Pierre-Antoine aka "CH1PS"FChâteaubriant22VarangurLes Mée'rcenaires du jeunono
6. Yannick aka "vazkor"FChateaubourg173Abyssal DwarfsLes territoires ludiquesnono
7. Bruno aka "yeunn"FLorient (56100)-OgresLes grégamersnono
8. Luc aka "Celtish"FMalestroit-Northern AllianceLes grégamersnono

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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