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N³ Cup IV - Warhammer 40k - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Patrick aka "Painkiller"DFürth611OrksNerd Nexus Nürnbergno
2. Robert aka "Letsrock89"DNürnberg453OrksNerd Nexus Nürnbergno
3. Michael aka "SirCaedes"DRödelsee-Tyranidsno
4. Patrick aka "Nightshift"DWendelstein-Astra MilitarumNerd Nexus Nürnbergno
5. Matthias aka "RonnyAltona"DNürnberg884T'au EmpireTTV Hohlstange 5000no
6. Julien aka "Jessuieglaces"DMünchen1085Space WolvesWeiss-Blaue-Strategenno
7. Cevin aka "Ulmero"DRednitzhembach8323Leagues of VotannNerd Nexus Nürnbergno
8. Michael aka "Tourbonidis"DLangenzenn539Leagues of VotannTeam Tableflipno
9. Thomas aka "Traumdieb"DOttobrunn118EldarWeiss-Blaue-Strategenno
10. Thomas aka "Bruder-Tom"DNürnberg354Space MarinesNerd Nexus Nürnbergno
11. Matthias aka "Optibaer"DVeitsbronn1274T'au Empireno
12. Ernst aka "TheHoodedMan"DNeustadt a.d. Aisch1457Adepta SororitasAlter Hammerno
13. Bogdan-Mihai aka "Bogdan"DNürnberg204Grey KnightsLevel Zero Heroesno
14. Maximilian aka "DrunkenCorps"DFeucht-Death Guardno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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