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Doublette AoS d'Octobre 2024 à Utopolys - List of Participants

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1. Benoît aka "Chapolaing"FAmiens545Kharadron OverlordsGuerre, Salsifis !no
2. Julien aka "Morachti"FAblain Saint Nazaire859Lumineth Realm-LordsGuerre, Salsifis !no
3. Ludovic aka "Maghterigon"BBruxelles-Ogor MawtribesMy Hobby Appno
4. Baptiste aka "BaGou"FNogent-Sur-Aube883Slaves to Darknessno
5. Charles aka "CBFM"FFourmies691Slaves to Darknessno
6. Pascal aka "Pascal02"FTergnier320Idoneth DeepkinDuo ludisno

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