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4eme tournoi Shatterpoint - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Ryo aka "BrushidoRyo"FWasquehal2Republicno
2. Sylvain aka "AbySSS"FLa Bassée10Republicno
3. François aka "Bl4ckBull"FWavrin6Mercenariesno
4. Guillaume aka "GDU60"FLongueil-Sainte-Marie35Separatistsno
5. Stéphane aka "Allastor"FMontigny-les-cormeilles-MercenariesOrdélieno
6. Mickael aka "Mamibaba"FLes rues des vignes1EmpireGinyu Forceno
7. Sylvain aka "Lelith"FLille14MercenariesGinyu Forceno
8. Didier aka "Didier59"FNampont Saint Martin-MercenariesLes D6Dno
9. Gil aka "Zil"FLagny-Sur-Marne-Separatistsno
10. Jean-Baptiste aka "Karayor"FClermont4Empireno
11. Sebastien aka "Basthyen"FChuisnes23Mercenariesno
12. Christian aka "xtian59"FWASQUEHAL-SeparatistsLes D6Dno
13. Hugues aka "grogro"FLille-RepublicLes D6Dno
14. Guillaume aka "BillyZeKid"FBezons-RepublicLe Beau Jeuno
15. Leo aka "WillyGoon"FColombes-SeparatistsLe Beau Jeuno
16. Jérémy aka "HerberLeo"FLacroix St Ouen65Empireno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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