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LTC OPR GdF II - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Gabriel aka "Gabbuster"FLe Grau Du Roi5Havoc Brothers: Plague DisciplesWargame et Potosnono
2. Eric aka "hwk"FPamiers1Robot LegionsLes Mordus Ariégeoisnono
3. Nicolas aka "vlad78"FRoquettes2Battle BrothersLes Mordus Ariégeoisnono
4. Guillaume aka "poussrapiere"FMazères8Machine CultLes Mordus Ariégeoisnono
5. Marc aka "Marcus09"FPrayols3Battle Brothers: Wolf BrothersLes Mordus Ariégeoisnono
6. Seb aka "Thelordash"FCastelnaudary (11)4Havoc Brothers: Plague DisciplesLes Mordus ariégeoisnono
7. Valentin aka "System"FLe Fossat6Human Defense ForceLes Mordus Ariégeoisnono

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Distribution of Origins
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