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ChillGamingTV at war II 1v1 (40k) - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Amaury aka "CallasTyphon"BArlon58Death GuardLa Lux'Hureno0
2. Robin aka "Chouwbak"BMazy-Death Guardno0
3. Thomas aka "Aymon"BWavre-Astra MilitarumNorth Bastargnardsno0
4. Terry aka "ChatonLaBaston1"BLibramont-Blood AngelsNorth Bastargnardsno0
5. Thomas aka "Nabudis"BLigny130Chaos Daemonsno0
6. Benjamin aka "Meldart"BWaremme52The InquisitionLiègea primusno0
7. Antoine aka "AntoineH05"BBastogne315Space Wolvesno0
8. Christophe aka "Sulivan"BAlleur8NecronsLiégea Primusno0
9. Ludwig aka "Lulu455"BMartelange1490Necronsno0

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Distribution of Origins
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