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1. Herr der Ringe Turnier der Tabletop Knights - List of Participants

1. Sebastian aka "Sablbon"DNeuötting342The ShireTabletop Knightsyesno
2. Tobias aka "Beblitz"DReischach722Rivendellyesno
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
3. Markus aka "Saruman_der_Weisse"DVaterstetten41AngmarDer Weiß Blaue Ratnono
4. Alexander aka "Radagast_der_Braune"DVaterstetten293The FiefdomsDer Weiß Blaue Ratnono
5. Flo aka "Elrond_Herr_des_Westens"DKirchheim59The Eagles of the Misty MountainsDer Weiß Blaue Ratnono
6. Philipp K.DMünchen-The Grey Companynono
7. Daniel aka "Gobo"DNeuötting-Morianono
8. Michael aka "Hampfter"DObing-Minas TirithRoll the Dicenono

Distribution of Armies
The Shire:1
Distribution of Origins
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