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Solo ToW d'Octobre 2024 à Utopolys - List of Participants

1. Nicolas aka "WookieKebab"FBachant-Dwarfen Mountain HoldsWookieKebabyes
2. Maxime aka "Pentagamath"FCysoing-Dwarfen Mountain Holdsyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
3. Laurent aka "Docks"BVirton17Wood Elf RealmsFratres Lupusno
4. Lorenz aka "Jonroye"BCiney8Tomb Kings of KhemriFratres Lupusno
5. Olivier aka "Fynn"FLeforest25Tomb Kings of Khemrino
6. Eric aka "Minostirrite"FLille20Dwarfen Mountain Holdsno
7. Guillaume aka "Wyverns"FMitry-Mory-Kingdom of Bretonniano
8. Charles aka "CBFM"FFourmies-Vampire Countsno
9. Rémi aka "Pablo-Merguez"FMontigny En Ostrevent-Orc & Goblin Tribesno
10. Thomas aka "LaHuche"FValenciennes-Orc & Goblin Tribesno
11. Julian aka "Dracoula"BNamur-Vampire CountsLe poney qui tousseno

Distribution of Armies
Dwarfen Mountain Holds:2
Distribution of Origins
Nord (59):2
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