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Tournoi Warhammer 40K LORIENT - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Anthony aka "Esveltt"FHennebont-Thousand SonsEsvelttyes0
2. Franck aka "Kobra29"FQuerrien-Adepta SororitasKobrano0
3. Luc aka "Wooky22"FSt Avé2448Dark AngelsGreater Waaaghyes0
4. Maxime aka "Colonel"FPloulech2175T'au EmpireGreater Waaaghyes0
5. Yann aka "VoNouya"FOrléans203Astra MilitarumSonexno0
6. Gurvan aka "Kortis"FHennebont-Space Marinesno0
7. Aymeric aka "Mike_du_bois_d_Hazel"FHellemmes - Lille123Adeptus CustodesLegio Invictayes0
8. Albertini aka "Dromar02"F29000-QUIMPER-Adeptus MechanicusBreizh Teamno0
9. Julien aka "Nuage"FGuidel-Space MarinesNuageyes0

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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