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Tournoi wh40k 1v1 2000PTS - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Cédric aka "Cron-cron"FSt Maximin La St Baume197NecronsMachomen'sno
2. Florian aka "Flokiflo"FOllioules986Space Marinesno
3. Jeremy aka "Chabal13013"FMarseille247The InquisitionWFBno
4. Cyril aka "Freemann"FLe Beausset7Space WolvesMÈFIno
5. Gwen aka "Gw3n"FLa Seyne840DrukhariLe Vieux Mondeno
6. Damien aka "Albatork"FCarqueiranne391Leagues of VotannLe Vieux Mondeno
7. Anthony aka "Lion_el_Tony"FToulon-Dark AngelsLe Vieux Mondeno
8. Mehdi aka "Landoctopus"FToulon-Chaos KnightsLandono

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