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Dreadaxe Corp.
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Skaventide is here - Spearhead V4 in War-Tavern - List of Participants

1. Pierre-Francois aka "Celtic"CHDomdidier8Skavenyesno
2. Marc aka "AzRael999"CHBelmont-Sur-Lausanne46Grand Alliance OrderFactio Lemanicayesno
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
3. (anonym)-Hedonites of Slaaneshnono
4. Stefan aka "Estugon"CHBernhardzell1Grand Alliance ChaosTeam BOBnono
5. Francesco aka "Redwin"CHLes Paccots14Grand Alliance Ordernono
6. Arnaud O.CHLausanne-Lumineth Realm-Lordsnono
7. Jonathan aka "Corb"CHLausanne19Orruk Warclansnono
8. Brice aka "BriceAoS"CHMorges-Orruk Warclansnono
9. Lionel aka "Tirnag"CHLausanne-Skavennono

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Grand Alliance Order:1
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