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1er SquigsTOW - List of Participants

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1. Valentin aka "TheVengeur"FCoulogne-Dwarfen Mountain HoldsSquigs du Nordnono
2. Olivier aka "Fynn"FLeforest25Tomb Kings of Khemrinono
3. Laurent aka "Docks"BVirton17Warriors of ChaosFratres Lupusnono
4. Lorenz aka "Jonroye"BCiney8High Elf RealmsFratres Lupusnono
5. Stephane aka "stormbringer"FCalais-Daemons of ChaosSquigs du Nordnono
6. Gregory aka "Fenryl"FCalais-Kingdom of BretonniaOpale Wargamenono
7. Maxime aka "Pentagamath"FCysoing-Empire of Mannono
8. Thomas aka "Minato6980"FHuppy24Dwarfen Mountain HoldsLes Chevaliers de la Barriquenono
9. Baptiste aka "Isaak_Foudregris"FCamon36Empire of ManLes Chevaliers de la Barriquenono
10. Mickaël aka "azhag80"FOneux-Warriors of ChaosLes Chevaliers de la Barriquenono

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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