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Marcus Miniatures Rumble Saison 3 Event 3 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Tommy aka "TommyGti"AWien151T'au EmpireMarcus miniatures sqaudno
2. Michael aka "Kordeus"AWien8Chaos KnightsTabletop Scoutsno
3. Carl-Georg aka "Tenebrae"AWien78The Inquisitionno
4. Fabian aka "g_g"AWien10The InquisitionNo mo walkingno
5. Andras aka "Blondie"APrellenkirchen33Deathwatchno
6. Christos aka "ChrisSalamander"DHamburg69Chaos Space Marinesno
7. (anonym)-The Inquisitionno
8. Sebastian aka "cyeRunner"AHimberg-Imperial KnightsWarkeulenno
9. Sebastian aka "Sir_Beardl"AWien-The InquisitionMarcus Miniatures Hitsquadno
10. Martin aka "Codex_Marine"AWien-Adepta SororitasATTACKno
11. Stefan aka "Double_O"AHurenhausen7Adeptus CustodesGoldständerno
12. Walter aka "Nobuddy"AWien-Astra Militarumno
13. Michel aka "mi-ka-el"AGroß Enzersdorf105Imperial Knightsno
14. Siegi aka "scaled_mirage"AWeitersfeld44Chaos Space Marinesno
15. Christian aka "Scrade"AWien22NecronsATTACKno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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