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Tournoi Aos, Le Relais du Châtel, août 2024 - List of Participants

1. Cyril aka "cygi42"FMontbrison71Hedonites of SlaaneshWargame Forézienyes
2. Jordan aka "Mo-jo"FBoen Sur Lignon311Ogor MawtribesWargame Forézienyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
3. Julien aka "Roulian"FLyon264Beasts of ChaosMiscasting boysno
4. Benoit aka "benbart"FSt Martin De Lixy265Maggotkin of NurgleLes Grognardsno

Distribution of Armies
Hedonites of Slaanesh:1
Ogor Mawtribes:1
Distribution of Origins
Loire (42):2
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