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Alkemy à Sartrouville - janvier - Tournament Results

Players' Awards

FFlorent aka "Flokr"player-award-fairplayFairest Player
FGuillaume aka "Elladan"player-award-specialSpecial Prize - Qualifié pour la finale
FSamuel aka "Kurlem"player-award-specialSpecial Prize - Qualifié pour la finale
FThierry aka "Folifoot"player-award-specialSpecial Prize - Qualifié pour la finale

Single Player Results:

No. Place Name Origin Team Army Total
1.1.p1Thierry aka "Folifoot"player-award-specialFHouillesSFJAurlok Nation10
2.2.p2Benoît aka "Ben-95"FErmontSFJKingdom of Avalon10
3.3.p3Olivier aka "LE0N"FLa NorvilleKhaliman republic9
4.4.Guillaume aka "Elladan"player-award-specialFConflans Ste HonorinSFJKingdom of Avalon9
5.5.Samuel aka "Kurlem"player-award-specialFLilleKhaliman republic9
6.6.David aka "Barbouille"FCormeilles En ParisiSFJAurlok Nation7
7.7.Ludovic aka "Dwinbar"FAbondantKingdom of Avalon7
8.8.Jimmy aka "Nawelek"FSartrouvilleSFJKingdom of Avalon6
9.9.Michel aka "kataklysm"FSaint Georges De DidAAJHAurlok Nation6
10.10.Benoit aka "Restimel"FSartrouvilleSFJAurlok Nation5
11.11.Olivier aka "Roy_Bean"FLe Pré Saint GervaisLa Horde d'OrKhaliman republic5
12.12.Pierre aka "caillou"FmarinesSFJEmpire of the Jade Triad4
13.13.Totof aka "wgbnqthwfnqr"FLa Frette Sur SeineAurlok Nation4
14.14.Laurent aka "Royce1992"FSartrouvilleKingdom of Avalon4
15.15.Merlin aka "l-enchanteur"FParisCFJKhaliman republic4
16.16.Nicolas aka "nicoleblond"FMarinesSFJEmpire of the Jade Triad4
17.17.Frederic aka "aigle-4"FSartrouvilleSFJAurlok Nation4
18.18.Jeremy aka "figo95"FÉpiais-RhusKingdom of Avalon4
19.19.Guillaume aka "wulfblake"FMeruSFJKingdom of Avalon1
20.20.Florent aka "Flokr"player-award-fairplayFSartrouvilleSFJAurlok Nation0
Description of the used abbreviations (not all have to be used): AC=Army Composition, PR=Paint Rating, FP=Fairplay, QP=Quiz points, OP=Other points

Team Results (at least 2 players):

1.SFJ (11)5.45

City Results (at least 2 players):

1.marines (2)4.00
2.Sartrouville (5)3.80

Army Results:

1.Khaliman republic (4)6.75
2.Kingdom of Avalon (7)5.86
3.Aurlok Nation (7)5.14
4.Empire of the Jade Triad (2)4.00
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