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Wormswing XXI - Tournament Results

Single Player Results:

No. Place Name Origin Team Army Total
1.1.p1Manish aka "Tharlin"DRauenbergWookieetreiberRebel Alliance5
2.2.p2Christian aka "DOME"DKarlsruheWookieetreiberGalactic Empire4
3.3.p3Maciej aka "Rakoo"DWürzburgPewPew WürzburgGalactic Republic4
4.4.Benjamin aka "KaiserKatana"DStockstadt am MainFirst Order4
5.5.Marcel aka "Destiny"DWaghäuselScum and Villainy4
6.6.Andreas aka "Tzaziki-Mann"DSpeyerTeam HootersGalactic Empire3
7.7.Timo aka "Coryn"DKaiserslauternGalactic Republic3
8.8.Philipp aka "BlauZwo"DFriedbergBembel-BomberRebel Alliance3
9.9.Sascha aka "Schattenlicht"DGerolsheimTeam HootersGalactic Empire3
10.10.Sven aka "Jamesmorgan"DIgstadtAsgard Aschaffenburg e.V.Rebel Alliance3
11.11.Thomas aka "ThorDoombringer"DLinsengerichtScum and Villainy3
12.12.Cedric aka "Ccj"DKoblenzXWKoblenzGalactic Republic3
13.13.Toni aka "TG81"DMannheimGalactic Empire2
14.14.Thomas aka "Kettch"DRodgauCrimson Aces FrankfurtRebel Alliance2
15.15.Tim aka "Decar"DMainzRebel Alliance2
16.16.Stefan aka "NakedWookiee"DPfungstadtCrimson Aces FrankfurtRebel Alliance2
17.17.Daniel H.DRebel Alliance2
18.18.Patrick aka "beardxofxdeath"DHomburgGalactic Empire2
19.19.Stefan aka "Edi"DKarlsruheWookieetreiberSeparatist Alliance2
20.20.Kilian aka "Qraith"DKaiserslauternMinengilde KesselGalactic Republic2
21.21.Fabian aka "SOP_Victory"DBabenhausenScum and Villainy2
22.22.Eric aka "Xarfai"DMaintalFirst Order1
23.23.Stephan aka "Fullblank"DBabenhausenAsgard Aschaffenburg e.V.Rebel Alliance1
24.24.Bert aka "Hachimon"DMühlheimMain SquadronRebel Alliance1
25.25.Christian aka "Darth_Zero"DSteinbach (Taunus)Bembel-BomberScum and Villainy1
26.26.Alexander aka "kaempes"DHammersbachBembel-BomberSeparatist Alliance1
Description of the used abbreviations (not all have to be used): AC=Army Composition, PR=Paint Rating, FP=Fairplay, QP=Quiz points, OP=Other points

Team Results (at least 2 players):

1.Wookieetreiber (3)3.67
2.Team Hooters (2)3.00
3.Asgard Aschaffenburg e.V. (2)2.00
4.Crimson Aces Frankfurt (2)2.00
5.Bembel-Bomber (3)1.67

City Results (at least 2 players):

1.Karlsruhe (2)3.00
2.Kaiserslautern (2)2.50
3.Babenhausen (2)1.50

Army Results:

1.Galactic Republic (4)3.00
2.Galactic Empire (5)2.80
3.First Order (2)2.50
4.Scum and Villainy (4)2.50
5.Rebel Alliance (9)2.33
6.Separatist Alliance (2)1.50
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