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Tournament Results - Dead War Apocalypse VI: la campagne d'Ares

Single Player Results:

No. Place Name Origin Army Total
Christophe aka "Brygnnar"FNoisy Le SecSpace Wolves0
Thomas aka "pzy"FOrnexAstra Militarum0
Guillaume aka "Luis"FMercurolBlood Angels0
Julien aka "Heavy"FSaint MandeDeathwatch0
Olivier aka "Sethi"FBoutignySpace Marines0
2.1.GoldL'imperium 2133
Frederic aka "tchoss"FMenthonnex-Sous-ClermontAdeptus Mechanicus0
Ludovic aka "Ludoled"FSaint Pierre En FaucignyAdeptus Custodes0
Romuald aka "Bjorn_red_claws"FMORANGISSpace Wolves0
Thierry aka "valcoet"FBalazéGrey Knights0
Guillaume aka "gouille"Fchateauneuf sur loireBlood Angels0
3.2.SilverL'union 1109
Philippe aka "Guntroll"CHTroinexT'au Empire0
Thibaut aka "thebs"FAnnecyEldar0
Christopher aka "NightBane"CHNyonEldar0
Jean Bernard aka "Jb00020"FArgenteuilChaos Space Marines0
Lilian aka "Fuegan"FLouryEldar0
4.2.SilverL'union 2109
Adrien aka "Le-Gob"FLe CheylasDrukhari0
Jean-Sebastien aka "jihess"FRouenImperial Knights0
Julien aka "Myrthou"FDonloupSpace Marines0
Olivier aka "Drakkhenn"FPloërmelOrks0
Arthur aka "captainfire"FLyonNecrons0
Description of the used abbreviations (not all have to be used): AC=Army Composition, PR=Paint Rating, FP=Fairplay, QP=Quiz points, OP=Other points

City Results (at least 2 players):

No results...

Army Results:

1.Astra Militarum (1)133.00
1.Deathwatch (1)133.00
1.Blood Angels (2)133.00
1.Space Wolves (2)133.00
1.Grey Knights (1)133.00
1.Adeptus Custodes (1)133.00
1.Adeptus Mechanicus (1)133.00
2.Space Marines (2)121.00
3.Eldar (3)109.00
3.Drukhari (1)109.00
3.Orks (1)109.00
3.Imperial Knights (1)109.00
3.Necrons (1)109.00
3.T'au Empire (1)109.00
3.Chaos Space Marines (1)109.00
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