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Torneo della Torre - KoW #1 - 2023 - Information and Rules

3 games of 2 hours 30 minutes each will be played.
15 minutes for the deployment for each player. The extra time after the deployment can be added to the playing time.
Effective playing time per player is 60 minutes. The time will be measured with a stopwatch provided by the tournament organizer.
(To simplify, set the stopwatch to 1 hour and 15 minutes at the start of the deployment.)
When the time runs out, the player will leave the dice on the table and the other player will play all his remaining turns until the timer will stop.

1st game: Fool's Gold (for each victory point received, 1 additional tournament point).
2nd game: Control (for each victory point received, 1 additional tournament point).
3rd game: Invade (no additional point)

Army lists:
One single army list of 2300 pt per player. All the army lists must be submitted by 22.01.2023 at the latest by email (tornei@wargamingticino.ch). Whoever has sent the list by then will get 5 extra tournament points.

To bring:
- 4x printed army lists
- your own dice and tools
- own bluff counters (there will be some Mantic counters pack for sale at the tournament)

Per game you can get 15 tournament points for a victory and 10 tournament points for a draw, 5 tournament points for a defeat. Additionally, up to 20 tournament points for the painting and design of the army (completely painted army +10, base decorated +5, overall impression and completeness of the army +5).
Furthermore, you can earn additional tournament points for each victory point earned in the game (see above for each game). In addition, tournament points are awarded for killing units in each game:
350-804 = 1 tournament point
805-1'264= 2 tournament points
1'265-1'724= 3 tournament points
1'725-2'184= 4 tournament points
+2'185= 5 tournament points

As “Wargaming Ticino” we will set up a small bar with drinks and we will prepare sandwiches and hot dogs at a low price. All the income will go to the association to be used for buying new scenery, gamemats, etc.

The terrain on the game tables will be placed in a balanced way before the tournament and will not be changed at the tournament.

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