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Spielsystemübersicht - Kings of War

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Name:Kings of War
Hersteller:Mantic Games
Beliebtheit:Das Spiel wird von 1% der T³-Nutzer gespielt.
Die T³-Nutzer können insgesamt 4000 Punkte aufstellen.
Bewertung (1-5):
Durchschnittliche Bewertung:
Deine Bewertung:
Durchschnittliche Bewertung 4.4 nach 221 Stimme(n).

Hinweis: Du musst registriert und eingeloggt sein, um dieses Spiel bewerten zu können!

Dies ist eine Liste aller unterstützter Armeen/Fraktionen, ihre prozentuale Verteilung unter den Spielern und eine statistische Auswertung im Turnierumfeld:
Name VS VA TEi TSt TSi
Das Rattenvolk13%8%000
Das Staubkönigreich0%0%000
Die Herde0%0%000
Die Liga von Rhordia0%0%000
Legionen des Abgrunds13%8%000
Mächte der Natur0%0%000
Die Bruderschaft0%0%000
Die Varangur0%0%000
Königreiche der Menschen13%8%000
The Trident Realms of Neritica13%8%000
Zwerge des Abgrunds38%25%000
  • VS: Welcher Anteil der Spieler spielt die Armee.
  • VA: Welchen Anteil aller Armeen stellt diese Armee.
  • TEi: Wie oft wurde die Armee auf einem Turnier gespielt.
  • TSt: Wie stark ist die Armee auf Turnieren. Die stärkste Armee wird dabei auf den Index 100 gesetzt (siehe Armeerangliste). Ein Wert von 0 bedeutet, dass noch nicht genug Daten für eine Berechnung vorliegen.
  • TSi: Wie oft hat die Armee ein Turnier gewonnen.
  • Wenn hinter einem Namen noch eine Armee/Fraktion in Klammern steht, bedeutet dies, dass der Eintrag ein Subtyp dieser Armee/Fraktion ist.
Die Daten der Verteilung basieren auf 8 Spielern aus Schweiz mit 12 Armeeeinträgen. Die Turnierdaten basieren auf 0 Turnierplatzierungen. Wenn du dich registrierst, kannst du deine eigenen Armeen eintragen.


Aktuelle News
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11.05.18 - 18:38 Uhr
Mantic Metal May Madness – Part 2

As you may have read, this week we’re opening up the Mantic Archive to bring back some great metal miniatures for you guys. This blog will cover miniatures from our sci-fi ranges. Back when Deadzone was first released, there was a whole host of mercenaries to add to your force. While these have remained in the rules, they’ve fallen out of general sale, until now. We’ve added loads of these characters to our webstore, including The Helfather, Boomer, Chief Radgrad, Sergeant Howlett, Aqissaq, and Eddak P’Mera. You can find the rules for all of these in the Deadzone 2nd Edition rulebook. There’s also a set of metal casualties which you can use to decorate your battlefield – because nothing says Deadzone like using a corpse for cover. We’re also bringing back some heroes from the very first Warpath release, way back in 2011. You can now get your hands on the Marauder Mercenary Warlord, plus alternate heroes such as the Forge Father Huscarl and Enforcer Peacekeeper Captain to lead your forces. On Mantic Points there is the original Veer-Myn Progenitor and the Tabletop Insider Throgarim Hero. We’re also adding the Kickstarter Alternative sculpts to the website for the Warpath characters, [...] The post Mantic Metal May Madness &#8211; Part 2 appeared first on Mantic Blog.
09.05.18 - 18:34 Uhr
Mantic Metal May Madness – Part 1

This week we’re delving into the Mantic archives to re-release some miniatures that have been lost over the 9 years Mantic has been running. This blog will go over the returning fantasy miniatures, check back later this week to see what we&#8217;re doing with our sci-fi range! First up, we have an oft-requested miniature – the Liche King! This looming revenant was originally released as part of a diorama including a skeleton being dragged from their grave. We only have a limited number of these, as the mould is almost spent, but the last run of these models are available to buy from the webstore. You can either grab the original diorama from Mantic Points, or a single miniature on general sale for use in your games of Kings of War. Mantic’s early releases also included the councils – The Dwarf King’s Council, Death King’s Cabal, and Elf King’s Court. These sets each included a group of heroes, including kings, mages and standard bearers. Many of these miniatures have since been released separately, or have been replaced with update sculpts. Oddly enough, this didn’t include the standard bearers, which are really useful heroes in your Kings of War Armies. So, [...] The post Mantic Metal May Madness &#8211; Part 1 appeared first on Mantic Blog.
09.05.18 - 17:21 Uhr
Hellboy in Mexico Unveiled

Today we’ve got something very special for Add-On Wednesday over on the Hellboy Kickstarter – a brand new expansion! When we started developing the Hellboy board game we always knew we wanted to take inspiration from the core Hellboy storyline. We wanted to start with Seed of Destruction before moving through to Conqueror Worm and perhaps even take a stroll to Darkness Calls and more… but that’s for another day 😉 We did the same thing with our hugely successful Walking Dead: All Out War game. Here we progressed through the storyline, offering new narrative-based scenarios, characters and gameplay elements. However, if you’re a fan of the Hellboy comics you’ll know that Hellboy often goes off and has his own weird and wonderful adventures outside of the main timeline. Whether it’s fighting against floating Japanese heads, ventriloquist’s dummies or iron-shoed goblins, Hellboy has some pretty wild adventures away from the BPRD. Among our favourite series of stories were those collected in the Hellboy in Mexico collection. These told the tale of Hellboy’s five-month ‘drunken weekend’ in which he teamed up with luchadores to fight vampires, wore some pretty interesting outfits, got married and drank a lot of tequila! We loved [...] The post Hellboy in Mexico Unveiled appeared first on Mantic Blog.
04.05.18 - 18:11 Uhr
Using Dale and Scott Moon in The Walking Dead: All out War

The Walking Dead: All Out War 2018 Show Exclusive is the Dale, Prison Advisor Booster. This great set includes 3 plastic miniatures – Dale (one-legged), Scott Moon, and Walker Rick. There are also new character cards for Dale and Scott, plus four equipment cards. Dale is the last of the four Prison Advisors, alongside Rick, Tyreese, and Hershel. These characters have a special ability that allows you to use any of their Leader Abilities, even if another Prison Advisor is the Leader. Dale’s current incarnation has taken a few hits. Losing his leg to a walker bite (and subsequent amputation) means that he is unable to Run, but it does grant him the Tainted Meat special rule, which allows him to re-roll failed Infection tests at the end of each turn. His special ability allows you to steal the Initiative from your opponent once per game – very powerful if used at the right moment. Dale’s main role here is support, keep him from harm towards the back and use his ability to steer the game your way, while also taking advantage of his decent shooting skill and high nerve. On his own, Scott isn’t spectacular. Generally low stats (although [...] The post Using Dale and Scott Moon in The Walking Dead: All out War appeared first on Mantic Blog.
04.05.18 - 13:32 Uhr
Spring Open Day 2018: Urgent Update

On Saturday 5th May, Mantic Games invites you, our friends, to join us for our biannual OPEN DAY. You can choose a single ticket, or the Group ticket &#8211; which covers four attendees for the price of three! Over the past fortnight we have posted blogs describing the Spring Open Day, you can catch up on them here: Participation and Cool Stuff, Learning, Open Day Deals Golden and Big Red Tickets If you can&#8217;t join us we have your back! Interview Update Stewart cannot join us, so we&#8217;re pleased to have Matt Gilbert in his stead. Matt will be talking about the forthcoming Kings of War: Vanguard at 1pm! He will also be on hand to give demos until then. Foodie Update We found out this morning that Bear&#8217;s Street Food had an unfortunate accident with the van that was catering for our event. Fortunately no-one was hurt. This does mean we&#8217;ve had to make alternate plans for a Bank Holiday weekend! Predictably everyone we contacted was booked. Fortunately Ronnie Renton and Matt Gilbert have stepped up to the plate &#8211; quite literally! Mantic Games will have a selection of breakfast items (pastries &#38; bacon rolls) and the man himself [...] The post Spring Open Day 2018: Urgent Update appeared first on Mantic Blog.
03.05.18 - 17:23 Uhr
Can’t make the Open Day? We’ve got you covered!

This Saturday (May 5th) we’ll be holding the Mantic Open Day. We open our doors to the public to show how we make the great games and miniatures you enjoy – it’s an amazing day filled with awesome games, exciting behind-the-scenes previews and great deals. If you’re able to make it down, then you should grab a ticket and come and see us. However, if you aren’t able to make it because someone accidentally put a massive ocean in the way or something, we don’t want you to miss out on the deals we have to offer. The following products will be available on the webstore from 5pm Friday 4th May until 9am Monday 7th May. Oh and a quick note – in order to get the best deal on shipping, we recommend that you order in the right currency &#8211; £ for the UK, € for the EU and $ for everywhere else. You can find out more about our shipping rates on the Delivery Details page on the website. The Walking Dead Show Exclusives The Lee &#38; Clementine Booster will be making its final appearance on the webstore before they are put up on Mantic Points. Based on [...] The post Can&#8217;t make the Open Day? We&#8217;ve got you covered! appeared first on Mantic Blog.

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