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Spielsystemübersicht - Kings of War

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Name:Kings of War
Hersteller:Mantic Games
Beliebtheit:Das Spiel wird von 3% der T³-Nutzer gespielt.
Bewertung (1-5):
Durchschnittliche Bewertung:
Deine Bewertung:
Durchschnittliche Bewertung 4.4 nach 225 Stimme(n).

Hinweis: Du musst registriert und eingeloggt sein, um dieses Spiel bewerten zu können!

Dies ist eine Liste aller unterstützter Armeen/Fraktionen, ihre prozentuale Verteilung unter den Spielern und eine statistische Auswertung im Turnierumfeld:
Name VS VA TEi TSt TSi
Das Rattenvolk0%0%000
Das Staubkönigreich0%0%000
Die Herde0%0%000
Die Liga von Rhordia0%0%000
Legionen des Abgrunds0%0%000
Mächte der Natur0%0%000
Die Bruderschaft0%0%000
Die Varangur0%0%000
Königreiche der Menschen0%0%000
The Trident Realms of Neritica0%0%000
Zwerge des Abgrunds0%0%000
  • VS: Welcher Anteil der Spieler spielt die Armee.
  • VA: Welchen Anteil aller Armeen stellt diese Armee.
  • TEi: Wie oft wurde die Armee auf einem Turnier gespielt.
  • TSt: Wie stark ist die Armee auf Turnieren. Die stärkste Armee wird dabei auf den Index 100 gesetzt (siehe Armeerangliste). Ein Wert von 0 bedeutet, dass noch nicht genug Daten für eine Berechnung vorliegen.
  • TSi: Wie oft hat die Armee ein Turnier gewonnen.
  • Wenn hinter einem Namen noch eine Armee/Fraktion in Klammern steht, bedeutet dies, dass der Eintrag ein Subtyp dieser Armee/Fraktion ist.
Die Daten der Verteilung basieren auf 1 Spielern aus Luxemburg mit 1 Armeeeinträgen. Die Turnierdaten basieren auf 0 Turnierplatzierungen. Wenn du dich registrierst, kannst du deine eigenen Armeen eintragen.


Aktuelle News
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22.06.18 - 14:13 Uhr
Kings of War Monsters: Designing the Winged Slasher

For our final monster blog this week, we go through the design and creation of the Winged Slasher, and why sometimes, you need a bigger base&#8230; The only thing worse than an Orc Krudger is one mounted on an equally ill-tempered reptile. The Slasher is a winged terror and an idol of destruction to the Orc hordes, but  it can also be found flightless,in service to the Goblins. The Slasher had a tall order to fill, design-wise. In appearance, Slashers are basically Wyverns – winged reptiles that have been captured and led into battle by the Orcs and Goblins. So, we started with this concept to design the creature. However, while the initial miniature would just be for the Orc Krudger, we had to future proof the design for further releases too. This meant creating a creature that could be built with or without wings, be mounted by a hero and have the option to carry a goblin howdah or warmachine. The pose and overall design was restricted by the multi-purpose nature of the miniature. Because there will eventually be a howdah variant, the creature would need to be low to the ground, with a level back – no rearing [...] The post Kings of War Monsters: Designing the Winged Slasher appeared first on Mantic Blog.
21.06.18 - 18:41 Uhr
Kings of War Monsters: Designing the High Paladin on Dragon

The next blog following the creation of the new monster kits covers the Basilean High Paladin on Dragon. Read on to find out the thoughts behind designing this mighty monster! Few have the strength of will to ride one of the great winged drakes. Among those rare few who can are the High Paladins of Basilea, who take them into battle against the enemies of the Shining Ones. This week sees the release of the Basilean High Paladin on Dragon. This kits features a new metal rider for our towering plastic dragon, which can be found in both Kings of War and Dungeon Saga. This model has been doing its service, appearing in no less than three different sets (Tyrant of Halpi, Abyssal Dwarf Iron-Catser on Greater Winged Halfbreed, and Elf Dragon Kindred Lord). This was how it was intended to be used from its conception. &#160; In the original concept art for Karrathor the Unbroken (the Dungeon Saga Dragon), you can see the plans for a mounted variant. We did this to get the most out of a very large model and a very large plastic tool at the time and it makes sense that the dragons of Mantic [...] The post Kings of War Monsters: Designing the High Paladin on Dragon appeared first on Mantic Blog.
21.06.18 - 14:16 Uhr
DreadBall UK Championship 2018

On Saturday 7th July, Mantic Games opens the doors to the MNTC-18 Stadium for the DREADBALL UK CHAMPIONSHIP 2018. Since DreadBall 2nd Edition exploded back onto the pitch in March, we have seen a terrific uptake of the game. Loads of teams have hit the neodurium hard &#8211; and some have hit their opponents harder! To celebrate this evolution of The Galaxy&#8217;s Greatest SportTM we&#8217;re running the first official UK Championship for DreadBall. Here are a few reasons why YOU should join us on 7th July: 1,200 MC Resurrection Games Four Games of DreadBall attendee gifts Crowning the UK Champion for 2018 1. 1,200 MC &#8216;RESURRECTION&#8217; GAMES The currency of DreadBall is measured in MC (Million Credits), with a &#8216;recommended team&#8217; coming in at 1,000MC. The extra 20% will set you up to choose the team that YOU want with a budget that gives you options. (All within the parameters listed under Building A Team in the rule book, of course!) Do you want to focus on Guards? You can take up to double the number listed in the Recommended Team! Fancy skilling up your players? They can be given one skill each Why not build your team around a [...] The post DreadBall UK Championship 2018 appeared first on Mantic Blog.
20.06.18 - 16:54 Uhr
Kings of War Monsters: Designing The Greater Water Elemental

Following our blog on the Chroneas yesterday, today we share some of the thoughts and processes behind designing the Greater Water Elemental. &#160; Greater Water Elementals are immense sentient waves, summoned to the battlefield through magic to lay waste to opposing troops. So powerful are these beings, that they are only called upon at times of great need. The devastation they wreak is terrifying, and there is always the risk that the summoner will lose control of the untamed water spirit and set it loose on their own forces. The Water Elementals and the Greater Water Elemental appear in no less than three different armies; the Forces of Nature, the Trident Realm of Neritica, and the Brotherhood. In order to look great (no pun intended) alongside each of these armies on the tabletop, the miniature would need to be suitably generic. Thankfully, we’ve been on form with our Fire and Earth Elementals in this regard, making each of them look great, no matter which army you field. Unlike most of our other miniatures, the Greater Water Elemental didn’t have concept art created for it. Instead, we submitted images and concept art for the lesser Water Elementals to the sculptor with [...] The post Kings of War Monsters: Designing The Greater Water Elemental appeared first on Mantic Blog.
20.06.18 - 06:07 Uhr
Mantic North America Ep. 13: Blaine Needs A Hug.

Aaaaannnnnndddd we&#8217;re back.  Sorry for the lack of content last year. It was a busy time and things got away from me.  Regardless we&#8217;re back and we&#8217;re joined again with Rob Harper from Deadzone the Podcast.  Sit back and learn all about the Summer of Deadzone and the new book Deadzone: Outbreak.  We also chat about what you can expect at Gen Con as well as the fun that&#8217;s going to be Mantic Open Night at Gen Con so get your tickets. 00:00 &#8211; 13:53             Intro/Kings of War 13:54 &#8211; 30:05             Dreadball 30:06 &#8211; 37:15             Star Saga 37:16 &#8211; 47:06             The Walking Dead: All Out War 47:07 &#8211; 56:35              Hellboy 56:36 &#8211; 01:02:37         Warpath 01:02:38 &#8211; 01:30:00    Wrap up/Outro The post Mantic North America Ep. 13: Blaine Needs A Hug. appeared first on Mantic Blog.
19.06.18 - 12:35 Uhr
Kings of War Monsters: Designing The Chroneas

This week, we&#8217;ll be taking a look at some of the new monster releases for Kings of War. We&#8217;re kicking off things today with a look at the design process for the Chroneas! The Chroneas is a bizarre and mysterious creature. There’s very little text available to describe it; an ancient being that pre-dates not only the Abyssals, but the Wicked Ones themselves. It has the ability to manipulate time; either slowing down or speeding up the passage of time around it. It uses this power to avoid blows or destroy its enemies by ageing them centuries in seconds. Physically, it is described as a lumbering, black skinned giant. It was the job of the Mantic Studio to piece together these breadcrumbs to create a new monster for Kings of War. The first step in this process is to create concept art, to visually express what the miniature could look like. This goes over several stage of refinement before you get to something approaching the final model. The Chroneas was tough to nail down initially, as it had to fit in with the rest of the Forces of the Abyss range, but also be visually distinct from them (remember, it [...] The post Kings of War Monsters: Designing The Chroneas appeared first on Mantic Blog.

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