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Spielsystemübersicht - Kings of War

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Name:Kings of War
Hersteller:Mantic Games
Beliebtheit:Das Spiel wird von 4% der T³-Nutzer gespielt.
Bewertung (1-5):
Durchschnittliche Bewertung:
Deine Bewertung:
Durchschnittliche Bewertung 4.4 nach 215 Stimme(n).

Hinweis: Du musst registriert und eingeloggt sein, um dieses Spiel bewerten zu können!

Dies ist eine Liste aller unterstützter Armeen/Fraktionen, ihre prozentuale Verteilung unter den Spielern und eine statistische Auswertung im Turnierumfeld:
Name VS VA TEi TSt TSi
Das Rattenvolk0%0%000
Das Staubkönigreich0%0%000
Die Herde0%0%000
Die Liga von Rhordia0%0%000
Legionen des Abgrunds0%0%000
Mächte der Natur0%0%000
Die Bruderschaft0%0%000
Die Varangur0%0%000
Königreiche der Menschen0%0%000
The Trident Realms of Neritica0%0%000
Zwerge des Abgrunds0%0%000
  • VS: Welcher Anteil der Spieler spielt die Armee.
  • VA: Welchen Anteil aller Armeen stellt diese Armee.
  • TEi: Wie oft wurde die Armee auf einem Turnier gespielt.
  • TSt: Wie stark ist die Armee auf Turnieren. Die stärkste Armee wird dabei auf den Index 100 gesetzt (siehe Armeerangliste). Ein Wert von 0 bedeutet, dass noch nicht genug Daten für eine Berechnung vorliegen.
  • TSi: Wie oft hat die Armee ein Turnier gewonnen.
  • Wenn hinter einem Namen noch eine Armee/Fraktion in Klammern steht, bedeutet dies, dass der Eintrag ein Subtyp dieser Armee/Fraktion ist.
Die Daten der Verteilung basieren auf 1 Spielern aus Luxemburg mit 1 Armeeeinträgen. Die Turnierdaten basieren auf 0 Turnierplatzierungen. Wenn du dich registrierst, kannst du deine eigenen Armeen eintragen.


Aktuelle News
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20.03.18 - 17:25 Uhr
Ronnie Looks Ahead at Events in 2018

It’s that exciting time of the year when event season begins in earnest, and we get out and about right up until Mantic Open Day in November brings another year to a gradual end! And what a year we have planned. We are attending more shows, hosting more gaming weekends and supporting more tournaments than ever before – all told we’ll be at nearly double the events from previous years &#8211; so hopefully there will be something close by that you’ll want to get along to! This year the team is bigger than ever – with Andy Meechan heading up the UK and European shows – and the head office tours and gaming weekends! Pat Lewis will be getting us to Adepticon, Gencon and our big US secret, and all the shows will be supported by Martin Thirlwell, Rob Burman, Dave Symonds, our fantastic Pathfinders… and occasionally me! This weekend sees Mantic at Adepticon once again. There are big Kings of War events, and both Warpath and Deadzone have a very exciting tournament scene planned. We will also have our big 20&#215;20 booth, with the first chance to get your 2018 shows exclusives – including a new Walking Dead booster [...] The post Ronnie Looks Ahead at Events in 2018 appeared first on Mantic Blog.
15.03.18 - 13:06 Uhr
What’s Changed in DreadBall Second Edition?

Hello sports fans! We’re fast approaching the launch of the galaxy’s best sports game: DreadBall Second Edition! The stadium is ready, all the blood stains have been wiped off the neodurium pitch and the cheerleaders are doing their warm ups. In preparation we wanted to look at what’s changed in the rules between first edition and second edition. Spoilers: it’s quite a lot. Below you’ll find an overview about what’s changed in the new version. The idea behind the changes was simple: we wanted to rebalance all the existing teams while also tightening up the rules to make it more fast, fun and furious (not necessarily in that order). Below you’ll see a quick run down of the major changes that’ll make second edition better than ever! REBALANCING THE TEAMS We’ve said before that after its original release in 2012, DreadBall expanded too fast and too aggressively. This meant that the original team count quickly expanded to a massive 24. With that came a lot of unbalancing because those teams released as part of season six tended to have better abilities and stats than those released in season one. With Second Edition we’ve reviewed all the teams and adjusted them [...] The post What&#8217;s Changed in DreadBall Second Edition? appeared first on Mantic Blog.
12.03.18 - 18:40 Uhr
Ronnie’s 10 Reasons DreadBall 2nd Edition is Awesome!

It’s back, it’s action packed and it’s bigger and bolder than ever… DreadBall Second Edition is coming to a Neoduirum pitch near you &#8211; and boy is the new season shaping up to be something really special. Dreadball was always one of our easiest games to pick up – yet different every time you played &#8211; and that’s what made the first edition Mantic’s first ever global hit. And when it hits the shelves again not only does it have all the magic from the first edition, but so much more besides. Tune into DreadBall week all this week to find the inside stories, tactics and updates that’ll make this the most exciting sports game you’ve ever played! Here are my top 10 reasons to get excited about DreadBall Second Edition: NEW TEAMS DreadBall Second Edition, of course has some new teams (four to be exact) but the rules committee, and their playtesting buddies, have also gone back to every team ever released to tinker with their stats. This led to the creation of the Agility attribute, along with cleaning up some of those team special rules. NEW RULES The rules themselves have also been given a makeover – and [...] The post Ronnie&#8217;s 10 Reasons DreadBall 2nd Edition is Awesome! appeared first on Mantic Blog.
08.03.18 - 18:01 Uhr
DreadBall Locker Room: Fouls

“It’s that time again sports fans. The DreadBall Locker Room is open for business.” “Ooh boy! I’ve been excited about this one for a while Elmer because it’s one of my favourite things about DreadBall: fouls!” “Obviously we can’t condone any kind of unsporting behaviour Dobbs.” “Absolutely not Elmer but you can’t help get excited when you see a Teraton Guard run round the back of a goblin, smack him in the back of the head and then proceed to stomp him into the pitch while he’s lying on the floor. Oh, and did I mention the Teraton Guard shouldn’t even be on the pitch? Elmer, I’m trembling with excitement just thinking about it.” “But obviously you’re not condoning it Dobbs.” “Condone it? I positively insist the players foul!” “Oh boy… it’s on with the show.” Although DreadBall is all about fast-paced play as the ball zips up and down the pitch, while the Guards block any potential tackles. Sometimes, you’ve got to get a little dirty… and that’s where fouls come into play. Even though fouls are theoretically banned from the game, sometimes they’ll help to give you the edge you need. Let’s take a look at the types [...] The post DreadBall Locker Room: Fouls appeared first on Mantic Blog.
06.03.18 - 20:33 Uhr
DreadBall Locker Room: Action and Special Cards

&#8220;&#8230; good to see you again folks. It&#8217;s time for another edition of the DreadBall Locker Room. I&#8217;m your host Elmer and I&#8217;m joined by my enthusiastic colleague Dobbs.&#8221; &#8220;ENTHUSIASTIC? ENTHUSIASTIC? That&#8217;s an understatement Elmer. I&#8217;m practically bouncing off the walls today after drinking 20 mega litres of Dreadmax Energy Drink. I think I can see into the future.&#8221; &#8220;In that case you&#8217;ll know that today&#8217;s DreadBall Locker Room is all about Action and Special Cards.&#8221; &#8220;No Elmer, I can see further than that. I can see the Greenmoon Smackers clutching the DGB All-time Inter-planetary Mega Cup&#8230; and I&#8217;m their Captain!&#8221; &#8220;I think you may have been drinking one of those bad batches of DreadMax infected with Veer-myn musk. Let&#8217;s get on with the show folks before Dobbs crashes from the musk rush.&#8221; &#8220;The crowd are cheering my na-&#8221; *sound of loud snoring, then someone falling off a chair* Using DreadBall Cards is one of the key tactical elements of DreadBall. They can help you pull off exceptional combos, vex your opposition and give a player an all-important extra action to push themselves further than ever before. But how do DreadBall cards work and how can you use them in [...] The post DreadBall Locker Room: Action and Special Cards appeared first on Mantic Blog.
05.03.18 - 18:09 Uhr
Introduction to Warpath

In the far future, mankind is spreading across the stars at a frighteningly aggressive pace. Humanity’s Galactic Co-Prosperity Sphere promises a life of peace and plenty for all, but on the fringes of colonised space this is far from reality. The GCPS is a corporate machine, seizing planets and cultures and exploiting their resources until nothing remains. For now, the greed of the GCPS is kept in check by races that are too advanced to assimilate, or the numerous threats that they disturb in their reckless expansion. From the dour Forge Fathers to the insidious Veer-Myn, the Galaxy is a very dangerous place. Warpath is the tactical tabletop wargame, set in Mantic’s Sci-Fi Universe. Players field armies of 28mm scale infantry and vehicles to fight furious battles across the worlds of the far future, from the industrial sprawls of colonised planets to the arid wastelands on newly discovered worlds. The rules are simple and easy to learn, and allow for tactical and strategic play. You can either fight in desperate skirmish level wargames with the Firefight rules, or engage in large sale conflicts with the mass battle rules. There are six factions available in the game, each with their own [...] The post Introduction to Warpath appeared first on Mantic Blog.

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