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Campaign Against Cancer Netherlands 2020

Charity tournament, Extended 200p
More information: https://www.facebook.com/events/185280086005096/
Official sign up via https://twinsunscharities.org/store/product_info.php?cPath=22&products_id=68
Feel free to add yourself here too, the faction you choose does not matter.

Organizers: Timo7777 (Contact), Crowe (Contact), Ltcwinger (Contact), Finn (Contact), TKundNobody (Contact), Elkerlyc (Contact)

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Important: The tournament has been canceled!

Gamesystem: Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game (XWING)
Start: 2020-07-18 10:00
End: 2020-07-18 22:00
Seats: 64
Charge: 15 $
International Community Center
Ouverbergstraat 1
6445 Brunssum

Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/185280086005096/

Info: The tournament has ended.


2020-05-12 19:03
date moved to july 18th

We decided to move the date to July 18th to match the other CAC locations. Please keep in mind that we still do not know if we can keep July 18th, because of the current situation. Sorry for inconveniences.

written by Timo7777
2020-03-31 20:50
new date: July 11th 2020 / 11.7.2020

Ryan has posted on FB:

Good evening everyone! I hope everyone is in good health and spirit. Thank you for everyone's support for the 2020 Campaign Against Cancer. I just wanted to say we'll be pushing our CAC to 11 July 2020 (**WITH CAVEATS**). This date was chosen to deconflict from Germany's System Open in Hannover. The majority of other CAC's will continue on 18 July 2020...we'll be the first for the year!

Currently the International Conference Center in Brunssum is temporarily closed due to the COVID situation but before they closed, 11 July was available but I was not able to officially book the location prior to their temporary closure. I'll continue to try to confirm the 11 July location with the International Conference Center and will let everyone know ASAP once it's booked.

Some big announcements from the CAC:
1. T-Shirts sales will re-open and can be purchased until 2 May.
2. Donation (ticket) refunds will be possible until 2 May 2020. Please see the attached link:

Our team will start re-planning from the ground up so please bear with us for any delays.

Recommendation (from your TO):

Due to the current unknown for our location availability, please delay future offical signups unless you're comfortable making a donation to Kika. Refunds are only available until May 2nd.
Please sign up on the T3 site though and we can use this as a gauge.

Again, thank you for everyone's support and I hope everyone is in good health and spirit. If there is anything I can do for you or if you have any questions please ask. Fly Casual!
Kurzfassung auf Deutsch: Wir werden die CAC vermutlich am 11. Juli 2020 nachholen, am Wochenende vor der System Open Hannover, an dem dann weltweit die anderen CACs stattfinden. Wir müssen das aber noch mit der Location abklären.

Wer am 11.7. nicht kann, bitte bei uns abmelden. Wer außerdem die Spende zur Kika zurückziehen möchte, da er am Event nicht teilnehmen kann, bitte per Email auf Englisch an refunds@twinsuncharities.org wenden. Dies ist nur bis zum 2.5. möglich.

written by Timo7777
2020-03-20 15:20

Because of Corona the CAC will not happen on May 2nd. As soon as there are additional informations, I'll post it here.

written by Timo7777
2020-02-02 09:12
tickets available

CAC tickets and shirts are available for purchase! Please select Brunssum for the event location. Shirts can only be purchased online and will be shipped to our event. Additionally, one difference from last year is that PayPal will be the only form of payment online. This is to save against the cost of credit card fees which means more money to kika.


If PayPal isn't an option for you please pm me and we can work something out.

We're still awaiting for the challenge coins to get approved by LucasFilm but preordered tickets will be reserved a coin for purchase at the event. I believe we were given 32 last year and all were sold with 51 total players playing. Coins will be an additional 10€ at the event.


Please let me know if you have any questions and Fly Casual!

written by Timo7777

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