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Tournament details

2 NT 

Arvern Bowl VI - Annulé

Name:Arvern Bowl VI - Annulé
Gamesystem:Blood Bowl
Organizer:Asclepios (Contact)
Address:Le Galion
63360 Gerzat
Hitchhiker offers:There are no Hitchhiker Offer at the momemt.
Start: 2020-11-07 09:00
End: 2020-11-08 17:00
Download ICS-Date: Download the date as an ICS-file...
Seats: 24
Charge: none
Description:Tournoi annulé en raison de la situation sanitaire.
More information: http://teamfrancebb.1fr1.net/t6674-arvernbowl-vi-07-08-novembre-2020-clermont-ferrandauvergne

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