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Gamesystem:Warhammer 40K - Team Tournament
Organizer:matous1983 (Contact)
Location:Card Casino Bratislava, next to airport and hotels.
Address:Ivanská cesta 26, 820 01 Ružinov, Slovakia
82001 Ruzinov Bratislava
Hitchhiker offers:There are no Hitchhiker Offer at the momemt.
Start: 2023-05-20 09:00
End: 2023-05-21 05:00
Download ICS-Date: Download the date as an ICS-file...
Seats: 120
Charge: 89 EUR
If you know Prague Open Wargaming Event (Gamemat.eu) We now changed to new organization European Wargame Series (EWS) and we like to invite you to new tournament in

Slovakia, Bratislava: Card Casino (lunches included)
5-men teams Warhammer 40k.
24 teams (max 120 players)

More info:


Early bird registration 445 EUR per team (5 players) price is now discounted, includes 2x lunch, swag bag, :
email to: frontiercup@gamemat.eu

Includes lunch for both days, extra swag bag (content to be announced, early bird has extra content) and is discounted versus ordinary website ticket (sale to be launched at Feb/March).

*** 5th Feb UPDATE: We have already 6/24 teams booked***

More info:

Dear Gamers!
We have a big news: Prague Open event is evolving into something greater and more amazing!
We are setting up a new series of European wargaming events. Our goal is to bring you a new level of quality and professionalism. We are focusing on organising slightly smaller, but more elite tournaments held in a top quality environments with professional support and coverage.
We are kicking off this May with Frontier Cup: Warhammer 40K Team event for 120 players (24 teams). Save the date: 20th - 21st May 2023.
Tournament will be held in Card Casino Bratislava. This venue provides everything any player may ask for: spacious and stylish area, air conditioning, bar and restaurant on the same floor (lunch included in ticket), free wifi and free parking next to the venue.
Located right next to the Bratislava airport and just a few minutes walk from partnering hotels (event related discount).
Bratislava is a fantastic city located at the centre of 4 adjoining states - ideal for hosting European wargaming events.
You may start registering your teams now by email. Send us your team(5 players a team) to frontiercup@gamemat.eu
We send you back registration and payment details.
Early bird (discounted) Team ticket cost (including buffet lunch for both days): 445 EUR (89 EUR per player).
As soon as we finish the event website there will be an option to purchase tickets on the website, but with higher costs per player compared to pre-sale tickets.
GAMEMAT.eu is our partner for battle mats and terrain: new competitive terrain sets and mats are now in development to exactly match the needs of competitive events.
Rules pack and terrain set-ups will be announced asap, latests February/March.
EWS - European Wargaming Series will be series of events held in Europe covering up to 5 events a year, starting with:
Warhammer 40k Teams (Frontier Cup 20th-21st May)
Warhammer 40k Singles (TBA)
Age of Sigmar Teams (TBA)
Age of Sigmar Singles (TBA)
Multi-game event: (Underworlds, Kill Team, Middle Earth and others) (TBA)
Stay tuned, we will be posting here all the important info and updates. Check out photos of the venue. Looking great! What do you think?
Early bird registration 445 EUR per team (5 players): email to frontiercup@gamemat.eu
Includes lunch for both days, extra swag bag (content to be announced, early bird has extra content) and is discounted versus ordinary website ticket (sale to be launched at Feb/March)
More information: https://www.facebook.com/FrontiercupEWS

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