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Frontier Cup Bratislava Open W40K TEAMS

Name:Frontier Cup Bratislava Open W40K TEAMS
Gamesystem:Warhammer 40K - Team Tournament
Organizer:matous1983 (Contact)
Location:Card Casino
Address:Ivanská cesta 26
82001 Bratislava
Hitchhiker offers:There are no Hitchhiker Offer at the momemt.
Start: 2024-01-27 08:30
End: 2024-01-28 17:00
Download ICS-Date: Download the date as an ICS-file...
Seats: 100
Charge: 75 EUR (89 EUR Box Office)
Description:Warhammer 40k Team Pass FC Bratislava Open (20 teams, 100 players)
Card Casino Bratislava, Ivanská cesta 26, Bratislava, Slovakia
27th-28th January 2024
!! You must be at least 18 years old to participate in the events !!

(next to Bratislava airport)

This is an early bird ticket for 375 EUR / 75 EUR per player available only till 30th November with reduced price including 2x lunch and extra swag bag (see below).
After 30th November only regular tickets will be on sale (Regular: 89 EUR per player/ 445 EUR includes only event pass + 2x lunch, no swag bag).

By purchasing this pass your TEAM (5 PLAYERS) is granted participation in WARHAMMER 40K teams Frontier Cup: Bratislava Open taking place in Card Casino Bratislava, Ivanská cesta 26, Bratislava, Slovakia on 27th-28th January 2024.
Team members can be emailed later to frontiecup@gamemat.eu with the order number as reference.

Early bird special price 375 EUR (75 EUR/player) till 30th November 2023

Your pass grants you:

- participation in the event
- for each player 2x free lunch (including drinks) in a form of buffet (all you can eat) in Casino restaurant
- for each player set of neoprene objective markers for W40K by Gamemat.eu
- for each player pack of custom dice
- for each player 5* individual checkout code for 15% discount at www.gamemat.eu (cannot be used for further ticket purchase)
- for each player various small gifts from other sponsors (random mix, bases, dice, vouchers etc.)
- ticket is only in electronic form (invoice confirmation)

Actual information will be distributed by emails, web and FB
Facebook page of Frontier Cup:

Dates and schedule:

- Rulespack release - TBA
- Early bird discounted tickets and swag bag cut off - 30th November
- After 30th November only regular tickets will be on sale (Regular: 89 EUR per player, only event pass + 2x lunch, no swag bag).
- Regular ticket cut off - 31st December
- Tickets are non-refundable

Queries about event and tickets email to: frontiercup@gamemat.eu

Recommended hotels around the venue:
More information: https://www.gamemat.eu/en/events/

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