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Arrrrrgghhh!! Outch Splaff!! - List of Participants

1. Arthur aka "Space_Raclett3"FSaint Aubin Du Médoc-Stormcast EternalsTeam Vikingyesyes
2. Benoît aka "Ragnarf"FMargaux-DispossessedTeam Vikingyesyes
3. Alexandre aka "Sylar"FOradour Sur Glane-Beasts of ChaosLémuriayesyes
4. Fanny aka "Lhunara"FOradour-Sur-Glane-Beasts of ChaosLémuriayesyes
5. Florian aka "Mr-Poppers"FSt Jean D’Illac-FyreslayersLes nabots barbuesyesyes
6. Peter aka "Ganjablaw"FSaint Aubin De Médoc-Grand Alliance OrderLes nabots barbuesyesyes
7. Nicolas aka "Marsu"FIssoudun-Stormcast EternalsLimoges Wargames : 2yesyes
8. Anne aka "Autris"FLimoges-FyreslayersLimoges Wargames : 2yesyes
9. Patrick aka "Noji"FLimoges-NighthauntLimoges wargames 1yesyes
10. Kevin aka "MarneusCalgar3"FLimoges-Idoneth DeepkinLimoges wargames 1yesyes
11. Bran aka "Bran"FLimoges-NighthauntLimoges Wargame 3yesyes
12. Habib aka "Findar"FChâteauroux-Grand Alliance OrderYou're sûre teamyesyes
13. Hugo aka "Skyfozz"FChâteauroux-Stormcast EternalsYou're sûre teamyesyes
14. Charles aka "Xharly"FBommiers-SeraphonThe Red Lizardyesyes
15. Pierre aka "Slythe"FChâteauroux93Blades of KhorneThe Red Lizardyesyes
16. Axel aka "Waarde"FChateauroux-Grand Alliance OrderLes isolésyesyes
17. Thibault aka "Rocker-Gentil"FLimoges-Free PeoplesLimoges Wargame 3yesyes
18. Thomas aka "mullonch"FRochechouart-Gitmob Grotsda lucky snotlingsyesyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
19. Florian aka "Luffy76300"FVersailles16SeraphonEsprit ludiquenono
20. Laëtitia aka "Bizounours"FFéas36Daughters of KhaineLes Sangs Mêlés (RE-ROLL)nono
21. Olivier aka "Beors"FFéas20Stormcast EternalsLes Sangs Mêlés (RE-ROLL)nono

List of teams

1Limoges Wargames : 2Marsu, Autris
2Limoges wargames 1Noji, MarneusCalgar3
3You're sûre teamFindar, Skyfozz
4LémuriaSylar, Lhunara
5The Red LizardXharly, Slythe
6Les isolésWaarde
7Limoges Wargame 3Bran, Rocker-Gentil
8Team VikingSpace_Raclett3, Ragnarf
9Les nabots barbuesGanjablaw, Mr-Poppers
10da lucky snotlingsmullonch
Registered teams
11Esprit ludiqueLuffy76300
12Les Sangs Mêlés (RE-ROLL)Bizounours, Beors

Distribution of Armies
Grand Alliance Order:3
Stormcast Eternals:3
Beasts of Chaos:2
Blades of Khorne:1
Free Peoples:1
Gitmob Grots:1
Idoneth Deepkin:1
Distribution of Origins
Haute-Vienne (87):8
Indre (36):6
Gironde (33):4
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