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1st X-Wing France teams Championships - List of Participants

1. Antoine aka "bob-a-frite"FSaint Nazaire216Separatist Alliance44th squadron - Jawa company Byes
2. Matteo aka "Pape"IForlì-Galactic EmpireBidet Teamyes
3. Michele Alfredo aka "Zanko"IMilano-Galactic RepublicBidet Teamyes
4. Tony aka "Smilzo"IFlorence-First OrderBidet Teamyes
5. Francesco aka "Tiso"IForlì-Galactic EmpireBidet Teamyes
6. Federico aka "FedesanDeluxe"IBusto Arsizio (Va)-Separatist AllianceBidet Teamyes
7. Golven aka "ZeRan"FMontaigu16Separatist AllianceNANTES SQUADRONyes
8. Benoist aka "Darth_Hunter"FNantes2Galactic RepublicNANTES SQUADRONyes
9. Mathieu aka "aerf"FNantes27Separatist AllianceNANTES SQUADRONyes
10. Ronan aka "Proemetus"FLanester12First OrderNANTES SQUADRONyes
11. Paul aka "Zayck"FBures Sur Yvette17Rebel AllianceEscadrons Les Têtes Bruléesyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
12. Martial aka "Aedarian"FMorsang Sur Orge234ResistanceACE Squadronno
13. Arnaud aka "Zek"FStrasbourg10Galactic EmpireHell'As Squadronno
14. Florent aka "Gundrek"FKurtzenhouse57ResistanceHell'As squadronno
15. Romain aka "argas"FOstwald23Scum and VillainyHell'As Squadronno
16. Lionel aka "Messala"FSchiltigheim163First OrderHell'As Squadronno
17. Philippe aka "Chuck-Yeags"FPalaiseau132Scum and VillainyACE Squadronno
18. Frédéric aka "Pian76"FArpajon131Galactic EmpireACE Squadronno
19. Christophe aka "Longshot58"FLongjumeau139Rebel AllianceACE Squadronno
20. Thierry aka "Ronimix"FParis31First OrderLes Pyr'pilotesno
21. Philippe aka "MaitreGo"FSchiltigheim103ResistanceHell'As Squadronno
22. Pierre aka "Futil"FIssy-Les-Moulineaux37Scum and VillainyEscadrons Les Têtes Bruléesno
23. Laurent aka "Surprise"FLangensoultzbach272Rebel AllianceHell'As Squadronno
24. Corentin aka "K67"FVénissieux122Scum and VillainyMercenaireno
25. Florent aka "flo86"FAiffres19Rebel AllianceMercenaireno
26. Frédéric aka "gob_ai_"FAngers41First OrderMercenaireno
27. Fred aka "Grendelator"FCreteil95First OrderLes Pyr'pilotesno
28. Félix aka "Maloon"FBrest232Galactic EmpireMercenaireno
29. Alex aka "Gontard"FAngers66Rebel AllianceMercenaireno
30. Xavier aka "starkiller-"FPontchateau24Galactic Empire44th squadron - jawa company Ano
31. David aka "Edwiin"FSaint-Nazaire186Scum and Villainy44th squadron - Jawa company Bno
32. Pierrick aka "LambRuyer"FSaint-Nazaire73Rebel Alliance44th squadron - jawa company Ano
33. Lionel aka "LeHerly"FSaint-Germain-en-Laye70Galactic RepublicLes Pyr'pilotesno
34. Jean-Christophe aka "Lanyssa_Ryssyll"FCourbevoie510Galactic EmpireLe 181ème Escadron "Sabre"no
35. Alexis aka "Alpha-leader"FPontchâteau65Galactic Republic44th squadron - jawa company Ano
36. Bastien aka "Paslechoix"FSaint-Nazaire407Resistance44th squadron - Jawa company Bno
37. Jerome aka "Bugman-"FSaint-Nazaire33Scum and Villainy44th squadron - jawa company Ano
38. Silvere aka "Slydredd"FSaint Brévin Les Pins50Resistance44th squadron - jawa company Ano
39. Steve aka "harrycoco"Fplogastel saint germain1First OrderL' Arche à Jeuxno
40. Sébastien aka "Arturux"FArgenteuil112Rebel AllianceLes Pyr'pilotesno
41. Matthias aka "Matt"FVitré1038Rebel Alliance44th squadron - Jawa company Bno
42. Nicolas aka "NO666"FQuimper28First OrderL' Arche à Jeuxno
43. Kévin aka "Nerro"FLe Blanc Mesnil62Scum and VillainyLes Pyr'pilotesno
44. Yves-Marie aka "Aldenoer"FTalence4Separatist AllianceMercenaireno

Distribution of Armies
Separatist Alliance:4
First Order:2
Galactic Empire:2
Galactic Republic:2
Rebel Alliance:1
Distribution of Origins
Loire-Atlantique (44):4
Lot-et-Garonne (47):2
Côte-d'Or (21):1
Manche (50):1
Morbihan (56):1
Essonne (91):1
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