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Qualif IR 2019 IDF - List of Participants

There are no registrations yet...
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Christophe aka "Yume95"FTaverny100Adepta SororitasMGWAno
2. Nicolas aka "Isenheim"FTaverny74Adepta SororitasMogwayno
3. Guillaume aka "blair_o"FPARIS487Adepta SororitasMogwayno
4. Mathieu aka "Superpoulpe"FFranconville85Adepta SororitasMGWAno
5. Aimée aka "Aimee"FAngers33OrksFrom Nowhere Playersno
6. Joé aka "Zolkov"FIssy-les-Moulineaux376Adeptus MechanicusFrom Nowhere Playersno
7. Rémi aka "Requ-iem"FParis172Death GuardMogwayno
8. Martin aka "Axmar"FIssy Les Moulineaux-DrukhariFrom Nowhere Playersno
9. Pei-Yi aka "Sumeragi_Subaru"FVitry-Sur-Seine1664EldarFrom Nowhere Playersno
10. Adrien aka "Ghosar"FWIMR1012TyranidsFrom Nowhere Playersno
11. Cyril aka "Pepito"FCarrières-sous-Poissy638Astra MilitarumFrom Nowhere Playersno
12. Samuel aka "Reykhan"FCergy151Adepta SororitasMogwayno
13. Landry aka "Landraii"FMours674DrukhariMGWAno
14. Clement aka "ertios"FConflans Sainte Honorine1611Adepta SororitasArcadia.404 Parisno
15. Franck aka "Alaric1"FColombes173Space MarinesArcadia.404 Parisno
16. Kevin aka "Osxeno"FLimeil Brevannes985T'au EmpireMGWAno
17. Clément aka "MontKa"FSuresnes322T'au EmpireArcadia.404 Parisno
18. Luc aka "LemanRuss"FSoisy-Sous-Montmorency276TyranidsArcadia.404 Parisno
19. Olivier aka "Pere_Kstor"FParis3DrukhariSemi-Croustillantsno
20. Guillaume aka "skelerex"FChennevières-Sur-Marne1262DrukhariArcadia.404 Parisno
21. Nicolas aka "Huanchi93"FChampagne Au Mont D'or717Astra MilitarumArcadia.404 Parisno

List of teams

Registered teams
1MGWAYume95, Superpoulpe, Landraii, Osxeno
2MogwayIsenheim, blair_o, Requ-iem, Reykhan
3From Nowhere PlayersAimee, Zolkov, Axmar, Sumeragi_Subaru, Ghosar, Pepito
4Arcadia.404 Parisertios, Alaric1, MontKa, LemanRuss, skelerex, Huanchi93

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
There are no registrations yet...
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