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MOOT TRAINING INTER - List of Participants

1. Gabriel aka "Gabiox"FChâlons270Saurian AncientsMootlandyes
2. Jonathan aka "Kroxi38"FRuy51Saurian AncientsMootyes
3. Pierre aka "Gotmaug"FMontrond Les Bains-Kingdom of EquitaineMootyes
4. Sylvain aka "Sly013"FValencin554Dwarven HoldsMootlandyes
5. Michael aka "archaon38"FParmilieu437Sylvan ElvesMootlandyes
6. Guillaume aka "elguigui"FMions87The Vermin Swarmyes
7. Laurent aka "MysticAngel"FGerbaix49Warriors of the Dark GodsARA1 Anonyboobzyes
8. Iafrate aka "lexluthor"FBourgoin-Jallieu204Kingdom of EquitaineMootlandyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
9. Charles aka "Charles"FTramolé206Orcs and Goblinsno
10. Yann aka "Shizuu"FLyon3Daemon LegionsThe Relentless Companyno

Distribution of Armies
Kingdom of Equitaine:2
Saurian Ancients:2
Dwarven Holds:1
Sylvan Elves:1
The Vermin Swarm:1
Warriors of the Dark Gods:1
Distribution of Origins
Isère (38):5
Loire (42):1
Rhône (69):1
Savoie (73):1
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