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todayTournoi des Viking 2016 [W40K]F14790 Verson74/84
todayc'est la suite du debut 40K [W40K]F25000 Besançon18/16
today2. Ad Arma Bolt Action Turnier goes Second Edition [BA]D67356 Speyer22/22
todayFrankfurt City Rumble #2 [FBNA]D60320 Frankfurt53/34
todayX-Wing KULT REGIONAL Winter 2016 [XWING]D44137 Dortmund77/50
today2eme Guerre d'Aléa [W40K]L5898 Syren8/10
today1. TTS-Cup DzC [DZC]D04317 Leipzig6/12
04-08Wolfpack Open II [W40K]D22115 Hamburg0/20
03-05Aquila Sequana V [W40K]F25320 Grandfontaine2/18
04-29COT 2017 [KoW]F16730 Fléac0/20
03-25HTL - Bayerische Hobbit Meisterschaft 2017 [LotR]D93059 Regensburg0/50
01-14Munich Moschpit Cup III [GB]D80336 München1/16
03-04Red Barons Saga 2017 [SAGA]B9000 Gent1/18
02-262017 Brussels X-Wing Regional Championship [XWING]B1000 Bruxelles0/30
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info2016-08-08 15:32
Reduced support from 15th to 28th August

There'll be reduced support from 15th to 28th August due to vacation. We cannot check SEPA bank transfers in that time. Please use Paypal if you need a Premium account. Paypal will normally be handled automatically.

Please contact other admins than Blackhawk for your questions. Please be patient, if there's no other admin for your country available.
tec2016-04-25 15:59
Maintenance annoucement for April, 26th - Update 3

We're going to upgrade our server software tomorrow (Tuesday, 26th April). This will lead to several downtimes while the system updates. Will try to get back to normal as fast as possible.

Update: We're back online. Sorry for the downtime. Please report any issue you encounter to an admin.

Update 2: We had a little hickup on our international domain today (29th), but all should be back now.

Update 3: The over restrictive spam blocker for the mail contact form should also be back to normal.
anc2016-03-04 17:16
Reduced support until March, 15th

Due to vacation we have to annouce reduced support for D-A-CH and the US. In addtion bank transfers cannot be checked during this time. Please use Paypal if you need a Premium account. These payments are handled automatically in most cases. We're sorry for the inconvenience.
qst2016-03-02 14:35
Tournament Software Survey

Dear tournament organizers,

to get a better insight on how organizers manage their tournaments when the part isn't at T³, we kindly ask you to fill out this form and help us with the further development of T³.

Link: http://goo.gl/forms/F4WHrizZmN

Thanks in advance
Your T³ Team
tec2016-01-29 14:26
Urgent: Outlook blocking mails - Update

We're experience an issue with Hotmail/Outlook which blocks our mail server. You won't be able to receive any mails from us until this is sorted out. We're sorry about the inconveniences.

Update: After contacting Microsoft the issue seems solved. Mails are reaching Outlook/Hotmail again. Please ensure to not mark our mails as spam. Please check your spam folder if you're missing an expected mail. Report any problem you've got with unwanted mails to one of our admins.
awd2016-01-20 16:00
Tournament Awards 2015

We just did the math for the tournament awards 2015. We congratulate all organizers on those and we're happy that so many players could visit such great events.

The awards also showed up the changes in the tabletop gaming community. Games Workshop's changes in the Warhammer world and the rise of X-Wing can be seen in our global awards, too. Whilst Warhammer 8th could get 11 awards in 2014 this dropped down to 6. X-Wing on the other hand went up to gather 6 awards compared to 1 in the prior year. While Warhammer and WarmaHordes stick around we got awards for Malifaux and The Hobbit. The number of total awards (without BIG) was 23 in 2015 compared to one more in 2014. We're exited to see what impact the 9th Age will have this year.

* Tournament Awards 2015
* List of tabletops on T³
game2015-12-04 15:00
Warhammer and The 9th Age

A lot of you may have noticed this already: Whilst Games Workshiop has started the Age of Sigmar a lot of Warhammer fans, fans who like fantasy styled rank and file battles, don't like the new direction. Some groups of real enthusiasts started to work on their own rules. Although there are several custom rule packs for the old 8th Edition of Warhammer nowadays, one group has gone straight through the roof: Instead of modifying the rules, they basically started from scratch and they started the 9th Age of Warhammer gaming. To be on the safe side they dropped any names GW has copyrighted. With its custom lore the game is now known as "Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age".

Therefore you can find the game under this name as a separate entry on T³. If you're running a Warhammer event with the 9th Age rules, be sure to choose the proper game system or contact an admin and ask to change it for you. All registrations will be mapped to the new army choices in this process.

* The official 9th Age website
* The 9th Age on T³
tnt2016-12-02 16:59
B2017 Brussels X-Wing Regional Championship - PRE-REGISTRATION OPEN ON T3 ON 12.12.2016 @ 8PM

Dear participants,

Pre-registration for the 2017 Brussels X-Wing Regional Championship will open on TableTopTournament on Monday 12 December 2016 at 8pm Brussels time zone.

See you soon!
R2T3 Team
tnt2016-12-01 21:21
FConvention Apocalypse - REGLEMENT COMPLET


Voici le reglement complet!
tnt2016-11-30 22:01
FTournoi Téléthon 7ème édition - Changement de salle

Notre événement en faveur du Téléthon change d'endroit.

Nous seront dans le salon d'honneur de la mairie de Morbecque. Vous pourrez vous garer sur la place du village, l'accès à la salle se trouve à l'arrière, en passant par la droite de la mairie.
tnt2016-11-30 19:50
D11. Dystopian Battlefield Turnier - Missionen sind online

Hi Leute!

Die Missionen für das Turnier sind online. Bei Fragen oder Anregungen wie immer melden.

tnt2016-11-30 18:01
D5. Arena/Strategenturnier - Verschiebung

Das Turnier wird auf das nächste Jahr verschoben.
tnt2016-11-29 17:42
FCR Sud-Ouest Star Wars ARMADA 2017 - Reglement

Le règlement est en ligne !
tnt2016-11-29 16:42
FRencontre Armada FUN II - Forges de Lumière - Reglement

Le règlement est en ligne !
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