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Games Overview - Warhammer Age of Sigmar

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Game Details
Name:Warhammer Age of Sigmar
Manufacturer:Games Workshop
Popularity:The game is played by 9% of the T³-Users.
It's the preferred game of 4% of the T³-Users.
The T³-Users can field a total of 712379 points.
Rating (1-5):
Average rating:
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Average rating 4.2 after 766 vote(s).

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This is a list of all supported armies/factions, their distribution between the players and a statistical review in the tournament field:
Beasts of Chaos (Grand Alliance Chaos)3%3%3562.554
Blades of Khorne (Grand Alliance Chaos)8%6%7980.133
Cities of Sigmar (Grand Alliance Order)4%3%3893.544
Daughters of Khaine (Grand Alliance Order)4%3%7999.2812
Disciples of Tzeentch (Grand Alliance Chaos)5%4%9990.19
Flesh-eater Courts (Grand Alliance Death)4%4%7187.26
Fyreslayers (Grand Alliance Order)4%3%9296.727
Gloomspite Gitz (Grand Alliance Destruction)3%2%5774.975
Grand Alliance Chaos3%2%4191.84
Grand Alliance Death4%3%6996.117
Grand Alliance Destruction2%1%3199.992
Grand Alliance Order3%3%7585.774
Hedonites of Slaanesh (Grand Alliance Chaos)3%3%4789.711
Idoneth Deepkin (Grand Alliance Order)4%3%6585.634
Kharadron Overlords (Grand Alliance Order)4%4%5070.852
Legions of Nagash (Grand Alliance Death)5%4%11294.455
Maggotkin of Nurgle (Grand Alliance Chaos)6%5%961007
Nighthaunt (Grand Alliance Death)8%6%5668.993
Ogor Mawtribes (Grand Alliance Destruction)5%4%5383.653
Orruk Warclans (Grand Alliance Destruction)3%2%3187.212
Ossiarch Bonereapers (Grand Alliance Death)3%3%4976.371
Seraphon (Grand Alliance Order)5%4%12170.875
Skaven (Grand Alliance Chaos)4%3%4876.972
Slaves to Darkness (Grand Alliance Chaos)2%2%1660.950
Stormcast Eternals (Grand Alliance Order)16%13%25992.2211
Sylvaneth (Grand Alliance Order)7%6%10379.544
Tamurkhan’s Horde (Grand Alliance Chaos)<1%<1%898.92
The Legion of Azgorh (Grand Alliance Chaos)1%1%300
  • DP: How many players play this army.
  • DA: How big is the percentage of all armies.
  • TN: How often the army was used on a tournament.
  • TS: How strong is the army on tournaments. The strongest army is used for an index of 100 (see army ranking for details). A value of 0 means that we don't have enough data for a classification yet.
  • TV: How often did the army win a tournament.
  • If there is another army/faction behind a name in brackets, the entry is a sub type of this army/faction.
The distribution is based on 669 players from France with 817 army selections. The tournament data is based on 1883 tournament placements. You can enter your own armies, if you create an account.

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